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Smart Energy Technologies has helped thousands of households and businesses cut their greenhouse gas emissions and save money. 

We are listed as an “Accredited Person” (AP) under the Victorian Government’s VEU Program and the Essential Services Commission.

As an accredited company, we are authorised to install new energy-efficient products and create Victorian energy-efficiency certificates under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade) Program.

We are based in Victoria, and service all of Melbourne and many regional/rural areas. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the installation of energy-efficient and water-saving products.

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, and creating local jobs, we work to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Victorian community. We care – about our customers, and about creating a sustainable future!

Energy Efficient Solutions

Our Energy Efficient Products

Shower head
Shower Heads

Our Shower Roses are 4-Star Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rated products using 5 jet-spray technology to deliver water-efficient shower experience.

Air technology more powerful massage water.

One way flow technology refuse leaking.

Low-flow, 7.5 litres per minute

Fan seals
Fan Seals

Our Fan Seal is an innovative and inexpensive self-seal cover for ceiling exhaust fans containing a set of balanced shutters which open when the fan is turned on and close under their own weight when the fan is turned off.

This Australian designed and manufactured product is aimed at reducing energy costs by preventing hot or cold air from entering the home via the ceiling exhaust fan.

Door Seals
Door Seals

Our Door Seal is quick & easy to install. It keeps the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer by eliminating external draughts.

Thanks to this door bottom & frame seal, those rodents, insects, dust, and dirt will stay at bay. It completely covers the gap and prevents these unwanted creatures from entering your home.

Vent cover
Vent Covers

Our Vent Covers prevent hot or cold air entering from the roof cavity. They also prevent polluted air or cooking smells from entering into other parts of the home or workplace. 

Reduces heat loss and improves the energy efficiency of your home.

Quick and easy to install and remove.

Each size fits a large variety of vents.

Reusable every winter

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